La Dawn - Then and Now

"It's choice, not chance that determines your destiny" Jean Nidetch - Weight Watchers Founder




Hello, welcome to my website! 

I have lost over 156.6 lbs.    I made it to Goal 5.28.04 and 6 weeks later

LIFETIME on 7.9.04! (See 7.9.04 link for pictures from the day.)

YOU are the reason I created this site! Here is just a sample why;

"What an inspiration. I love the pictures of your parents, it brought a tears to my eyes. I cannot wait to get down to goal. I am so glad I came on the board today because again I was feeling a little down and by looking at your website I know I can do it" -TLASHLEY 

"I love your sayings/tips. Matter of fact I Just bit something tonight and spit it out. It was not worth it" -TGRIER

"Just looking at you makes me want to continue WW when I get discouraged"-AYANA

                 I am so honored that you are viewing my web page.  I launched this site after viewing the sites on the Weight Watchers message boards.  Looking at the before and after photos truly inspired me.  Feel free to e-mail me at  (please put in the subject line something about this site, weight loss or something so I can know that it is safe to open it).

A little about myself

I have been overweight since the age of ten.  My family didn't have a clue about food portions.  You start by filling the platter with spaghetti. Next, you totally saturate the spaghetti with sauce leaving just enough space for the garlic bread.  Who knew, LOL!  I didn't.  However, I found out the first time I made spaghetti and had to count the points!    

God blessed me with a supportive family, friends and co-workers who were and are still standing by me during this wonderful time.  The transformation of my body has inspired several people to follow my lead and also be successful.    It is such a blessing! 

 "You all be blessed!"

The number of friends that have viewed my site.  Thank you!

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